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Anti-bird net controls effectively bird
Anti-bird net is mainly used to prevent the bird pecking food. Generally, it can protect the grapes, cherry, pear, apple and other fruits. Besides, it can be used to control poultry and used at airport to prevent birds striking planes.Anti-bird net made of nylon and polyethylene yarn is a kind of net which prevents birds reaching certain areas. It is new net used widely in agriculture. This net has different net opening to control all kinds of birds. Besides, it cuts off the bird reproduction and spread pathway. So it reduces the usage of chemical pesticides and ensures the high quality, heath, green product.


Anti-hail net prevents hail damaging crops Plant support net used for horizontally and vertically
Anti-hail net is made of polyethylene monofilament yarn with UV treatment. It is a narrow mesh open net and features high impact resistance. It can prevent heavy hailstorms and wind damaging crops, and it can reduce the economic loss. Also used for preventing frost and reducing the heat loss. It protects effectively plants, orchard, garden, etc.


Anti Insect Net Application:
It is widely used for vegetables greenhouse, fruit, breeding. Also it can provides suitable shade, anti-wind, ultraviolet, radiation.Anti-insect net made of high density polyethylene which has small net opening. It is applied in agriculture with new technology. The anti-insect net can used as separation barrier to prevent pest damaging crops, and it can also cut off the propagation way of pest.  Create a favorable conditions for crops growth and reduce the usage of chemical pesticides. The some net opening can be used as window screen net. It provides a safe and pollution-free crops.


Slow Feed Hay Net
This hay net Slow Feed Hay Net is designed with smaller size holes for slower feeding and better digestion. The 36 in. slow feed hay net is perfect for holding hay at shows. If your horse is a fast eater, this slow feed hay net is sure to slow them down.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Slow feed hay net measures 36 in.
Slow feed hay net prevents horse from eating too fast.


Plant support net used for horizontally and vertically
Used vertically, it is aimed to support and promote the growth of climbing vegetables, it includes garden peas, runner beans, cucumbers, marrows, courgettes, tomatoes, etc.
Used horizontally, the plant support nets are ideal for supporting long stemmed flowers including chrysanthemums, delphiniums, freesias.

High strength, load up to 50kg.
Fully meets all kinds of climbing plant needs.
Large net opening to offer enough climbing spacing.
Creep resistance.


Shade Cloth Mesh UV Resistant Net
About this item Use it to block the sun, withstand heat, moisture, frost-proof, cooling.Protect seeds, flowers, fruits,Vegetables and plants are protected(frost, frozen, wind, rain, snow).
Our sun shade cloth used for Patios,Awnings, Canopies,Dog Kennels, Greenhouses, Cabanas, Sun Sails,Dump truck covers, Canopy enclosures,Site barriers, Privacy fences, Construction sites,and other outdoor living place


Application: Ground Cover Cloth is special for agriculturegarden,horticultural,household,greenhouse,farm,etc;
● Prevent weeds from growing on the ground;
● Remove water from the ground and keep it clean;
● Plant nurseries, vegetable and water orchards, gardens, shrubs, under the floor shelf, under the artificial lawn;
● Allow air, nutrients and water to penetrate into the soil;